Management Plans

If you do not know where you are going, you will end up someplace else .                                     -  Yogi Berra

Forest management planning will help you identify what resources are present on your property and what opportunities are available to achieve your desired goals.

A management plan will typically incorporate several key components including:

  • Woodlot History
  • Ownership objectives
  • Soils
  • Water
  • Wetlands
  • Forest Health
  • Forest Protection
  • Threatened and Endangered Species  
  • Cultural Resources
  • Scenic Beauty
  • Recreation
  • Wildlife
  • Timber

Additional benefits of having a management plan often include:

  • The ability to reduce your property tax bill by enrolling in state offered programs such as Current Use in New Hampshire, Tree Growth in Maine, and Chapter 61 in Massachusetts.  
  • Land managed is often more valuable to its current and future owner(s).
  • Your goals are clearly identified with the framework for their achievement outlined!  

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