Non-timber Forest Products

christmas tree farm

Management of non-timber forest products is rapidly growing.  Maple syrup and Christmas trees are the most common non-timber forest products managed for by landowners.  Other areas of interest include herbal and decorative products.  With hard work there can also be financial reward.  For example, if you focus your efforts on growing Christmas trees with 8-ft x 8-ft spacing, in 10 years (average time from seedling to finished product 8-12 years) you could potentially grow 680 trees per acre.  If you sell those trees for $20 per tree, that would return $13,600 per acre or $1,360 per acre every year before all costs and labor.  There should be no illusions as to the hard work and effort required to bring these products to market.  Whether managing these resources as a hobby or an additional source of income, the pleasure of connecting and interacting with your land is extremely fulfilling! 


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