Timber Sale Management

A timber sale is one of the greatest tools available to a landowner to aid in achieving objectives and generating an income.  The long-term effects are both financial and environmental.  Decisions surrounding this tool are some of the greatest a landowner will face.  Proper planning and management of a timber sale are vital!  We will supervise your timber harvest from start to finish, ensuring your goals are accomplished while working to generate the highest return on your timber.  Management tasks include: 

log pile
  • Formulating a timber harvest plan
  • Designating and layout of the harvest specifications and parameters
  • Filing all necessary paperwork prior to and upon the completion of any harvesting activities
  • Hiring reputable contractors
  • Ensuring all laws are followed
  • Regularly monitoring and supervising harvesting activities

Study after study have shown the overwhelming benefits of having a consulting forester manage your timber sale.  These include:   

  • Significantly less damage to the residual stand
  • Higher quality of remaining timber
  • Typically twice the value of the remaining residual timber
  • Multiple ownership objectives can be accomplished in conjunction with the timber sale
  • Protected financial and legal interests through knowledgeable and accurate contracts
  • Enhanced long-term productivity of the property
  • Dramatically higher financial return to the landowner for timber sold (studies range from 30% on the low end to over 100% greater return)
  • Peace of mind! 
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